Gillian Craig is Director of St Andrews Renaissance Singers. A graduate of the University of St Andrews, Jill is now the university’s Music Consultant, having been involved in the Music Department and later the Music Centre all her working life. A clarinettist, the alto player in the Scottish Saxophone Quartet for over 20 years, and now a keen conductor, she was guest instrumentalist on Renaissance Group tours of Europe for several years in the 1980s. She is honoured and delighted to have become the group’s director.

Jacob Collins is the Assistant Conductor for the 2022-2023 academic year. Jacob is a current student on the MLitt Sacred Music course and an also holds an organ scholarship with St Salvator’s Chapel Choir.

2022-23 choir:

Choral Scholarship holders are marked with an asterisk (*)


  • Anna Coopey*
  • Hester Greatrix*
  • Emily Broughton
  • Julia Filip
  • Paris Drake
  • Rachel Hart
  • Alice Konig
  • Julia Prest
  • Juliana Menegakis
  • Frances Molyneux
  • Dora Osborne
  • Anna Poddi
  • Beatrice Woerner


  • Wendy Bellars
  • Natalia Biletska
  • Kim Cameron
  • Lungdau Chewang
  • Emma Jervis
  • Rose Michaelson
  • Judy Osbourne
  • Jane Pettegree
  • Laura Thorn


  • James Hutchinson
  • Tony Lodge
  • Daniel Mackay
  • Andrew Mein


  • Josh Lightwing*
  • Richard Bates
  • Peter Napier
  • Joe Carson
  • Jacob Collins
  • Giles Dove
  • Huw Lloyd-Richards
  • Blair Smith
  • Garry Taylor
  • Jonathan Hugh-Jones
  • Gibson Morris